Families requiring tailor made services and efficient set-ups to manage their wealth, will be assisted by Xenia’s specialists in finding solutions targeting their specific needs.

We take care of a large range of tasks: asset allocation, asset management, supervision of banking institutions, consolidated reporting and optimization of the entire wealth legal set-up.


Xenia Capital has built a first-class network with external partners in the area of commercial financing, logistics, legal advice, accounting, fiscal planning as well as other services enabling us to face our clients’ diverse and varied requirements.






Xenia Capital undertakes a large range of financial advisory services:


  • Company analysis

  • Portfolio analysis and monitoring

  • Financial instruments analysis

  • Asset allocation analysis and monitoring

  • Member of investment committees

  • Member of board of directors

Advisory in real estate and commercial financing


We fulfill our financial advisory mandate in the same spirit of independence and entrepreneurship, professional rigor and human values.




Xenia Capital offers personalized asset management services. Each client’s needs is analyzed from the angles of his objectives, his needs and possible constraints.


Our investment strategies are tailored made and customized to the needs of our clients, not the other way around!


We balance factors linked to the unique character of each of our clients and the fundamental principles of an optimal risk diversification and a time horizon as long as possible.






Xenia Capital has set up a financial engineering platform allowing us to tailor made structured products offerings.


We follow the process from A to Z:


  • Analysis & selection of the underlying.

  • Analysis & selection of the product’s type and its technical parameters: term, barrier, observations’ periodicity, …

  • Tender procedure

  • Product’s follow-up: monitoring of the product and its capacity to continuously achieve the stated objectives, proposals to sell, re-invest or restructure products.


A meticulous analysis of the technical parameters allows us to propose appropriate products suited to the required risk and return levels. A rigorous management of the costs through a structured and competitive tender procedure maximizes the value of our product’s offering.

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