Xenia Capital is a financial services company run by its shareholders.


«Xenia» is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality consisting of the reciprocal respect between the host and the guest.


Xenia Capital’s guiding principles are thus based on a spirit of fiduciary duty and professional competence. Those principles lead us to conceive the client’s interest as our utmost priority.


Xenia Capital is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). As a self-regulating body, SAAM strives to make an effective contribution to the protection of investors as well as continuing education of its members.



Our business and management principles as well as our relations with partners and clients are based on the deeply- rooted values of mutual respect and fiduciary duty.


Our asset management principles are defined by:


  • Analytical methods based on independent thinking, common sense and empiric reasoning.

  • Investment strategies integrating the observation that the factor « Time » induce an improvement in performance, a reduction in risk and an amplification of the advantages of a rigorous cost management.

  • The observation that within an environment as complex as the one we evolve in, simplicity is often inherent in the solutions best suited to achieve the stated objectives.



Xenia Capital SA
Place Saint-François 2
P.O. Box 7813
1002 Lausanne - Switzerland

Phone  +41 21 321 49 81

Fax +41 21 321 49 89


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